Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I believe courageous people know how to set boundaries with their work. Their self-esteem is not so wrapped up in the number of hours they work or their job title, but rather in their balance of family, friends, personal endeavors (physical, artistic, or intellectual activities that fill up one's soul), and work. This has recently become more clear to me as I navigated some changes in my career.

Consciously leaving the office after nine hours most days is hard, because I get engaged in what I am doing. Work is a fun, complex game, and I love games. But I need to remember to spend time away. Even though I love it, the intensity has burnt me out when I don't stay aware of myself and others in my life, regulating my time and energy.

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Anonymous said...

It is so true. It is easy to be at work for long hours because there is "so much to do." I learned this when I was teaching. I quickly found out that if I would allow myself, I could be at work until midnight each and every night. I remember a master teacher telling me that the work will always be there no matter if it is 7 in the morning or 11 at night. He also told me that the work is patient, possibly more patient than a spouse, friend, or family members who often fell the void of us being at work.
When I read this, I smiled because of your challenge last night. Sometimes we need to be reminded of our own masterful thoughts.